In the modern business world technology deserves the most part. Thus the modern technology is more support to civil field in invetion of new ideas and designs for more comfort. Igloo tiles sucessfully utilised the technology of roofing tile that keeps you cool from sunlight. This tiles are made of exclusive raw materials and this abserves heat and not reflects heat.

We are the major dealer for igloo roofing tiles in trichy. We are ready supply bulk quantity for the field of commercials, industries, builders and contractors at best price in the industry.

Benefits of igloo roofing tiles
  • Best Thermal Insulation
  • Lower surface temperature
  • Less stain absorption
  • Light weight with high strength
  • Eco friendly and 100% natural
  • Can be fixed instantly on RCC roof
  • Best water proofing in affordable price
  • No need any other weathering course on top of your house
  • Make your home cool
  • Best prices
  • Quality team of work
  • Life long solution